Reasons Prosecutors May Reduce or Dismiss DUI

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If you are charged with a DUI offense, there are many ways to reduce your penalties and punishments or dismiss it completely aside from hiring Miami DUI lawyers that will save you from the charges. The following are the reasons why prosecutors may reduce or dismiss DUI:

1.The results of a blood test do not affect the evidence of impairment

DUI and other related charges are heavily based on the impairment rather than the amount of substance found inside the person’s body. For instance, even if the driver has a substance that exceeds the BAC limit, so long as he did not cause any misbehavior and is able to follow traffic rules and regulations, there is a tendency that you will be given small charges and punishments. On the other hand, even if the driver has less than the legal limit, so long as he was unable to follow traffic signs, he is still subject to DUI charges.

2.The did not move

The officer has seen you sleeping on the steering wheel miles away from any town, the officer can have a deduction that drove to that location, and that is still subject to penalties and charges.

However, if the car has only moved for a few inches, and the engine has not been engaged, it disproves the idea that you become liable to things you still have not done.

3.The blood test was not administered properly

The blood that was taken from any drivers needs to be properly administered and the regulators need to follow the guidelines set forth in each state’s code of regulations.

The regulations include:

No alcohol-based cleaning agent must be used while the blood is being drawn

The preservative and coagulant are not expired

The blood must be drawn only by an authorized technician

The blood sample is properly identified and stored.

If any of these regulations are not followed, the accused has the right to question.

4.The blog was drawn without a warrant.

There are different circumstances under which the officer does not have the full authority to draw your blood without your consent or a warrant, and these are the following:

When you are found in your home even if you were at the accident and left the scene

If you are taken to the hospital for a blood draw

However, getting a warrant is not necessarily difficult.

5.You were unconscious of unaware of the drug inside your system.

If in any case you did not know or was not aware that you have taken a drug, or someone put the drug into your food or beverage, this is a good counterargument that could prove your innocent at the court trial, thus you should not be convicted of driving under influence of drugs charge.

6. There is no evidence that you were driving the car

There are instances of a traffic accident that was not observed by a witness or a police officer, and if they are uncertain that the owner was the one driving the car, the police would have insufficient evidence that the driver or the owner of the vehicle was the once committed the DUI or DWI.

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How to Make an Impressive Corporate Video

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If you need a corporate video done, then you have to hire a reputable video production company Singapore to help you out. There’s no going around it, as that’s the only way you’ll get the best possible results from the experience. While they may not come cheap, their services are definitely worth the investment.

Video Production Company Singapore

When choosing a video production company, make sure that you get to meet with the entire team first. Don’t just talk to the account executive or whoever is pitching the sales. You want to speak with the director and cameraman because they’re the ones who will be spending time with you during the shoot. It’s important that you have high respect for what they do and that you’re comfortable working with them throughout the process. That’s the only way you can get high-quality corporate videos that produce results.

Connection is Important

The main reason why you’re making a corporate video is that you want to connect to your audience. If the production people make you feel stiff, then the video won’t come out natural. Your audience can see through that and that’s why most videos fail. The more authentic the video is, the more likes, shares, and comments it gets.

You have to make sure that the viewers of your video feel an attachment to you. More than just informing them, they should also connect to you and trust you to solve their problems. They should feel that with your help, they will succeed. It is very important to foster that genuine connection.

How to Hire a Video Production Company

It’s possible that you won’t just need one video for your company. You’re likely to require several of them shot at different locations and at different times. It’s highly recommended that you hire a video production company that’s highly reliable. They should be easy to contact and ready to shoot whenever your need for them arises.

When hiring a video production company, be sure to choose the one that’s very responsive to your queries. They should provide you with the solutions that you need on a timely basis using the resources that they already have in place. Superior customer service still holds supreme.

How Much Does Video Production Companies Charge?

Different video production companies have different ways to charge their clients. To know that you’re not being ripped off and that they’re providing the best value for your money, you have to request a quote from multiple companies for comparison. The one with the lowest rates isn’t always the best. In the same way, the one that charges you the highest can guarantee the best results.

Hiring a video production company is process and you shouldn’t skip any step. You have to do a meticulous background check on each company so you’re confident that you’re making the right choice in the end. Settle for the one that can give you high-quality services at the most reasonable rate. Read through the quote and inspect every element included in it. Always remember that your business and your audience deserve nothing but the best.

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4 Advantages of Professional Bathroom Remodeling

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If you’re looking around your residential space for simple renovations that can be able to give the value of your house a face lift, then you should never overlook your bathroom, most especially if you currently have a baby blue tile and a pink toilet. As a matter of fact, outdated bathrooms of your house can potentially give you a poor sale. Even if you are not looking to sell your house, it is very nice to feel like you are currently living in the present era. If you are like us, those bathrooms usually get overlooked most especially when it comes to planning for home renovation projects.   

Aside from increasing your home’s overall value, your bathroom can also be a be a great place to show your creativity with the help of a professional and highly experienced bathroom remodeling company and have some fun.  

Advantages of Remodeling Your Bathroom  

  1. Increases the Value of Your Home  

The most important advantage of renovating your bathroom from the yellow daisies and the jacuzzi tub is its overall value will be dramatically increased. As you renovate your bathroom, you should always remember all the trends nowadays as well as if those kinds of trends will have a lasting value in the long run.   

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency 

Through replacing your outdated faucets, adding water heater that is currently on-demand, adding aerators, as well as installing water efficient toilets can really benefit you with great energy savings immediately.  

  1. Creates an Oasis 

Another advantage of renovating your bathroom is its ability to create a great and peaceful space that is specifically designed for you and your family. As a matter of fact, you can also be able to use your personal choice of textures and colors that can help you relax and can soothe away your stress. Certainly, you deserve the best bathroom that can that you to a happy place.  

  1. Reduces Clutter 

Through renovating your bathroom, you can be able to increase its storage capacity using the smart designs that are available in the market nowadays. It is actually very important that you keep in mind that you also need enough space for cleaners, towels, medicines, and toiletries. This is the reason why it’s very important that you ask help from a professional and highly experienced bathroom remodeling company if you want to remodel your bathroom. This is because professional bathroom remodeling companies will not only help you achieve the perfect bathroom that you always dream of, but it can also help you have a successful and smooth bathroom remodeling process.   

Professional and skilled bathroom remodeling contractors are experienced and trained enough to perform any service related to bathroom renovation. In addition to that, they are also equipped with the right equipment, tool, and materials, in order to make sure that all the things that can be seen in your bathroom are of highest quality. This is why it’s very important that you should only ask help from a professional. If you want to know more about quality bathroom remodeling projects, click here 


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All About Tattoos and Tattoo Care

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You have heard that buzzing sound of the tattoo machine of your artist and you already know that you are getting the tattoo of your dreams; your very first tattoo. We are sure that you are very excited and you could not contain your happiness because you have had envisioning yourself with that mark all your life, and now, you are finally getting it on your body. This is such a memorable thing that you should cherish.  

For you to have the best memory as well you have to take good care of your tattoo and one way to do this is to have a plan before anything else. You are reading this so we expect that you still don’t have a plan to do it but if you have, you are still not sure about it. Do not worry because we are going to tell you the things that you should remember in caring for your tattoo. 

REFER TO YOUR ARTIST. You should always listen to your tattoo artist because they are the ones that has a lot of knowledge about the things that you should do in order to maintain the color or form of the tattoo and how to make it last as long as possible. It is better if you have an artist who is very professional in what he or she does because they are the ones that could give you smart and useful advice just like those artists from or other websites and tattoo shops.  

DON’T FORGET TO WASH THE TATT. Your tattoo will be protected by a bandage that your artist is going to put on the part of your body where you had your tattoo placed. This is a film of protection that shields your new tattoo from dirt and other elements that might cause its imbalance. After 2 hours or more (not more than eight hours), you should wash your tattoo so that you could get rid of the fluids that has hardened on the fresh tattoo. Remember that you use a mild soap and that you do not use super cold water or boiling water, lukewarm water would be enough.  

MOISTURIZE. For your tattoo not to dry out to a point where it will crack, you have to make use of a moisturizing cream that has no scent at all. Your tattoo artist would be able to give you a list of creams that you could purchase and apply to your brand new tattoo.  

NO SOAKING. You could not soak your tattoo on the pool, the tub or anywhere. You should not soak it for a month or so, you could still take a shower instead of having baths. You should also maintain it dry, that’s why some artists would say that if your tattoo is in a position where clothes could rub on it, you should put a cling film on top of your tattoo to protect it.  

AVOID THE SUN. The very reason why you should not be in direct sunlight, especially your tattoo is that, the tattoo will fade if it is exposed to this kind of lighting. If you could not avoid the sun because you have a trip or a special event to go to, you should have a cream with SPF to protect your tattoo. Still, you could avail of the good brands but you have to ask your artist first.  

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Cleaning Materials Everyone Should Have In Their Houses

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Cleaning the house is a chore almost everyone has to face at least once in their life. Nobody would like to live in a dirty disorganized house. People would rather live in a clean, spotless, and organized house. There is a saying that a healthy environment promotes positive thinking and energy. Thus, promoting productivity for the people living inside the house. There are endless supplies and products and maid service for cleaning out there in a supermarket or convenience store near you. Here are one of the basic cleaning materials everyone should have in their respective homes. 

For the floors it is essential to get a mop, some floor wax, a vacuum, a bucket, and water with dishwashing soap. It is essential to have these to clean all floors of the house. To keep it squeaky clean and shiny the floor wax will be there to make sure your floor shines bright. The mop is to keep the floor clean if ever some spills occur in the house. A vacuum for all the carpets or just basic vacuuming around the house. All of these can be found in the grocery or hardware shop for you cleaning needs.  


Next, is the kitchen. In the kitchen a lot of dirt is spread throughout the table tops and the plates used for eating and the utensils and tools for cooking. For your kitchen, you should have an all purpose cleaner, an oven clean, a stainless steel cleaner for your pans and pots, scrubbing sponges for the dishes and utensils, microfibre cloths, and dishwashing soap. All of these you will need for your everyday clean ups after finishing up food. No one wants to attract insects like cockroaches or rats so best clean the kitchen because a healthy kitchen is a good kitchen.  


Then, the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house because of all the stuff that happens there. All the showering and use of the toilet will surely get the bathroom a bit filthy but never fear, these cleaning materials are the real deal. The cleaning materials needed for the bathroom are toilet brush, all purpose cleaner, grout and tile cleaner, and a grout brush. Also, mopping the floor of the bathroom to ensure the cleanliness of it will go a long way in terms of hygiene.  


Lastly, the living rooms and bedrooms. Here you will need not as much cleaning materials compared to the other areas of the house. The materials needed are just glass cleaners, lint rollers, and a duster and dust pan. Also a vacuum and mop that you already have to clean the floors. The rooms are one of the most used rooms in the house because most of time thats where you will stay.  


Truly, these cleaning materials may seem like much but are an integral part of how your clean your house. All of these things can be found in one place like the grocery or hardware shop. A weekly visit to replenish the supplies are suggested to make sure you never run out of cleaning materials.  All in all, these are the cleaning materials your house needs to keep squeaky clean. 

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