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All About Tattoos and Tattoo Care

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You have heard that buzzing sound of the tattoo machine of your artist and you already know that you are getting the tattoo of your dreams; your very first tattoo. We are sure that you are very excited and you could not contain your happiness because you have had envisioning yourself with that mark all your life, and now, you are finally getting it on your body. This is such a memorable thing that you should cherish.  

For you to have the best memory as well you have to take good care of your tattoo and one way to do this is to have a plan before anything else. You are reading this so we expect that you still don’t have a plan to do it but if you have, you are still not sure about it. Do not worry because we are going to tell you the things that you should remember in caring for your tattoo. 

REFER TO YOUR ARTIST. You should always listen to your tattoo artist because they are the ones that has a lot of knowledge about the things that you should do in order to maintain the color or form of the tattoo and how to make it last as long as possible. It is better if you have an artist who is very professional in what he or she does because they are the ones that could give you smart and useful advice just like those artists from or other websites and tattoo shops.  

DON’T FORGET TO WASH THE TATT. Your tattoo will be protected by a bandage that your artist is going to put on the part of your body where you had your tattoo placed. This is a film of protection that shields your new tattoo from dirt and other elements that might cause its imbalance. After 2 hours or more (not more than eight hours), you should wash your tattoo so that you could get rid of the fluids that has hardened on the fresh tattoo. Remember that you use a mild soap and that you do not use super cold water or boiling water, lukewarm water would be enough.  

MOISTURIZE. For your tattoo not to dry out to a point where it will crack, you have to make use of a moisturizing cream that has no scent at all. Your tattoo artist would be able to give you a list of creams that you could purchase and apply to your brand new tattoo.  

NO SOAKING. You could not soak your tattoo on the pool, the tub or anywhere. You should not soak it for a month or so, you could still take a shower instead of having baths. You should also maintain it dry, that’s why some artists would say that if your tattoo is in a position where clothes could rub on it, you should put a cling film on top of your tattoo to protect it.  

AVOID THE SUN. The very reason why you should not be in direct sunlight, especially your tattoo is that, the tattoo will fade if it is exposed to this kind of lighting. If you could not avoid the sun because you have a trip or a special event to go to, you should have a cream with SPF to protect your tattoo. Still, you could avail of the good brands but you have to ask your artist first.  

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Cleaning Materials Everyone Should Have In Their Houses

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Cleaning the house is a chore almost everyone has to face at least once in their life. Nobody would like to live in a dirty disorganized house. People would rather live in a clean, spotless, and organized house. There is a saying that a healthy environment promotes positive thinking and energy. Thus, promoting productivity for the people living inside the house. There are endless supplies and products and maid service for cleaning out there in a supermarket or convenience store near you. Here are one of the basic cleaning materials everyone should have in their respective homes. 

For the floors it is essential to get a mop, some floor wax, a vacuum, a bucket, and water with dishwashing soap. It is essential to have these to clean all floors of the house. To keep it squeaky clean and shiny the floor wax will be there to make sure your floor shines bright. The mop is to keep the floor clean if ever some spills occur in the house. A vacuum for all the carpets or just basic vacuuming around the house. All of these can be found in the grocery or hardware shop for you cleaning needs.  


Next, is the kitchen. In the kitchen a lot of dirt is spread throughout the table tops and the plates used for eating and the utensils and tools for cooking. For your kitchen, you should have an all purpose cleaner, an oven clean, a stainless steel cleaner for your pans and pots, scrubbing sponges for the dishes and utensils, microfibre cloths, and dishwashing soap. All of these you will need for your everyday clean ups after finishing up food. No one wants to attract insects like cockroaches or rats so best clean the kitchen because a healthy kitchen is a good kitchen.  


Then, the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house because of all the stuff that happens there. All the showering and use of the toilet will surely get the bathroom a bit filthy but never fear, these cleaning materials are the real deal. The cleaning materials needed for the bathroom are toilet brush, all purpose cleaner, grout and tile cleaner, and a grout brush. Also, mopping the floor of the bathroom to ensure the cleanliness of it will go a long way in terms of hygiene.  


Lastly, the living rooms and bedrooms. Here you will need not as much cleaning materials compared to the other areas of the house. The materials needed are just glass cleaners, lint rollers, and a duster and dust pan. Also a vacuum and mop that you already have to clean the floors. The rooms are one of the most used rooms in the house because most of time thats where you will stay.  


Truly, these cleaning materials may seem like much but are an integral part of how your clean your house. All of these things can be found in one place like the grocery or hardware shop. A weekly visit to replenish the supplies are suggested to make sure you never run out of cleaning materials.  All in all, these are the cleaning materials your house needs to keep squeaky clean. 

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