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Commercial Water Heater Features

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Water heaters in commercial properties need to be effective. The reason for this is that their operation is vital to the functions of hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. Manufacturers have to test for thermal efficiency, venting, and resistance to corrosion and dust. Aside from that, government regulations now require water heaters to be energy-efficient.

To suit the different needs of commercial properties, a water heater Santa Ana needs to have a lot of features. Here are some of them:

Interactive Display

For commercial water heaters, a digital display can prove to be extremely helpful. They enable accurate personalization of the functions of the heater. Modern devices have extra options. This includes vacation mode. This option programs the temperature controls so that the heater stays working while you’re away.

Water Heater Scale Prevention

Usually, hard water can leave deposits of minerals in the electrodes and tank of your water heater. Sulfates and silicate can coat the tank’s bottom. This affects the regular function of the heater. A huge collection of minerals and scale can shorten the lifespan of the system, lower the quantity of heated water, and increase the noise.

Routine flushing of the water from the tank can lower the collection of scale. Fortunately, there are manufacturers of commercial water heaters who include an anti-scale feature for their equipment. The feature works by lowering minerals in hard water.

Lowering scaling is a feature that’s sometimes not important for residential use. On the other hand, commercial devices might need additional help because of the heavy-duty work they do each day.

Type of Drain Valve

It’s vital to regularly drain the commercial water heater. Routine flushing avoids the accumulation of minerals in the tank. You’ll have to replace the drain valve right away if it leaks or is broken.

For drain valves, there are 3 main materials. There are brass, plastic, and composite valve types. Brass lasts longer and can handle a much higher temperature. Plastic is the most affordable. However, it isn’t really durable.

Tank and Tankless Water Heater

After heating, tank systems have a container that is insulated. This container stores the heated water. Oftentimes, they utilize electricity or natural gas. The primary benefit of this water heater is that they’re simple to install. Aside from that, the maintenance is extremely affordable and easy since they’ve got fewer components and are less complex.

One of the biggest disadvantages of this water heater is that you’ve got to reheat the water. Thus, it might take time to heat the water if you’re living in a cold environment.

A tankless water heater will be more appropriate for you if your business needs a 100-gallon commercial water heater. This type of water heater is more energy-efficient compared to the other one.

However, you should know that the tankless water heater is expensive to install and fix. Also, they offer heating on demand and don’t hold much water. You’ve got to figure out how much water it can provide in a particular period. Else, the device will result in getting more water than it can heat.

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