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Tips to Paint Your Home Properly

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There are many homeowners who opt to paint their houses by themselves. This is quite understandable, given then the rising cost of services these days. If you are one of these homeowners who is looking to save some money on home improvement, then it is strongly suggested that you try to learn everything that you need to know about house painting before embarking on the project. 

There are many expert tips and tricks on house painting available online. It all boils down to giving yourself time to learn all about these things and following them to a tee. That’s how you’ll arrive at the best possible results. Otherwise, you’re better off hiring expert painters to help you out with the project.  

Painting Techniques You Should Know   

You won’t be a professional painter overnight but these tips, tricks, and techniques will help you make a decent job. Your work will be at par with the professionals for as long as you put in the required amount of effort and dedication to the project. Here are some of the things that you should do:  

1. Protect all areas that won’t be painted.   

What parts of your home do you need to be painted and what parts don’t? Determine these things with accuracy so you can protect the areas that you don’t want any paint on. Once that’s done, you should proceed to cover floors and furniture in the room you want to paint. Protect all doorknobs and windows as well.    

2. Remove the covers of outlets and switches.

This is an important step that many homeowners don’t want to do and skip altogether. This is an important house painting tip that you should not forget to do or the results will be horrendous. Doing so prevents ugly marks on the switches.  

3. Use a primer.  

Homeowners who are doing DIY painting work for the first time fail to realize the necessity for a primer. Primers are necessary to let the paint bond well to the wall. If you’re pretty sure that the surface of your wall is smooth and clean, then you can just purchase a paint-and-primer combined solution. However, if it’s many years since you last painted your home, using a bonding primer is necessary.   

4. Use paint rollers.   

Paint rollers make painting easier. Invest in a good quality paint roller, particularly the one that perfectly matches the type of paint you purchased. Get the right size of the roller and get an extension pole as well. The pole will help you reach the farthest areas of the wall.  

5. Paint from the top down.

This is the best painting tip that you should always remember. Always follow the paint flow so you’ll get the best results and consistency. Start from the topmost parts and go all the way down to the bottom.   

With all these tips, painting becomes an effortless job. With it, you’ll be able to transform your home from dull to vibrant. Just be sure that you follow all the tips below and consult with the experts if you encounter any problem along the way.  Also, if you’re planning to paint your kitchen cabinets, you may refer to one of the skilled cabinet painters anytime.  


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